Friday, September 17, 2010

Movie Review of Going the Distance

I'm sorry I went the distance to see this movie.  Forty five minutes into it, I was wondering if it was worth the money I had just laid out on admission and concessions.  And I have to say, it really didn't get any better.  I just kept hoping that Jim Gaffigan would be in the next scene.  Drew Barrymore's eccentric cuteness couldn't even save this movie.  Her chemistry with Justin Long as her suffering long distance boyfriend was near to nothing.  I can only hope it's better for them in real life!  The writing was unoriginal and the editing seemed choppy.  Even the seemingly-now-required crude dialogue was uninspired.  Vaguely reminiscent of a Judd Apatow film, it just came across as crass and annoying.  The only two shining lights in this movie were Jim Gaffigan and Christina Applegate.  I found myself wishing the movie would have focused on their characters' married family life.  It would have made for a much funnier and interesting film.  That would have been worth going the distance.  

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